212 E Rowland Street, Covina, CA 91723
Tel:626-858-6970, Fax: 626-858-8926

Want Privacy and Security for your Mail? Get our Mailbox

Are you someone who wants privacy and security for your mail and packages? Consider our mailbox services at The Pack & Ship Store. There are many benefits to the convenience of having a mailbox at The Pack & Ship Store:

  • 24 hr access to your mail with an after-hours security code.
  • Safety, for you and your family – if you have a business and don’t want customers showing up at your house, protect your family with a private mailbox at The Pack & Ship Store
  • Your mail is safe behind two locks – front door and your mailbox.
  • Total privacy, security and confidentiality.
  • We’ll accept and secure packages for you – don’t risk a package from getting stolen from your doorstep; we accept packages from USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL and other couriers and keep them secure until you arrive.
  • Professional appearance – having a mailbox at The Pack & Ship Store means you have a Street Address. And many people view a business with a street address as a long-term operation; not here today, gone tomorrow.
  • Call-in service – eliminate unnecessary trips and find out if you have mail or packages. No service charge.
  • Email notification when packages are received.
  • Mail Forwarding available for our out of town and travelling mailbox-holders for a nominal fee.
  • Copying, Faxing (incoming and outgoing) and Notary Public service at 50% discount.
  • For your convenience, with a signed release form, we can put items needing a signature (FedEx, UPS, registered mail, etc.) into your box.

What do you need to open your mailbox?

  1. Complete this form:
  2. Bring in the form along with two forms of identification:
  1. current driver’s license or state identification card
  2. armed forces, government, university, or recognized corporation identification card
  3. passport
  4. alien registration card or certificate of naturalization
  5. current lease, mortgage or Deed of Trust
  6. voter or vehicle registration card
  7. home or vehicle insurance registration card

A photocopy of your identification may be retained by The Pack & Ship Store representative when you open your private mailbox, as per USPS requirements. It’s that easy.

Call the store today at (626) 858-6970 if you have any other questions.

We look forward to providing you safe, secure, private mailbox rental.

Mailbox Rental FAQs

Q: How long has your business been around?
A: The Pack & Ship Store has been in continuous operation since 1993. We have 200 mailboxes.

Q: What my mailing address will look like?
A: It will look like this:

Mr. John Doe
212 E. Rowland Street #100
Covina, CA 91723

Q: Do you accept delivery of packages and parcels?
A:Yes. We accept carrier deliveries by FedEx, UPS, DHL, OnTrac, the U.S. Postal Service and others. Packages and parcels of all sizes and weights will be accepted for delivery at your private mailbox address. We can also sign for USPS certified and registered items.

Q: Do you charge a non-refundable set-up fee for the mailbox service?
A: Yes and No. The set-up fee is not refundable. However, the security and key deposits are refundable upon termination of the contract.

Q: Why do you ask for a security deposit?
A: This is to avoid interruption of service if the renewal payment is not received on time.

Q: Can I still receive packages if I rent only a standard size mailbox?
A: Yes. Even businesses may rent standard size mailboxes. Please note that in the event you receive an unreasonable volume of mail or packages at your mailbox, you may be required to upgrade to a larger size mailbox or pay additional service fees.

Q: How many names may I have on the mailbox?
A: As many as you like. Each individual should fill out a separate USPS Form 1583 as well as the acknowledgement form. Also, provide us with the copies of two forms of identification. We allow three individual/business names without extra charge; after that, an additional $3 monthly fee per name applies. The fee is waived for the corporate size mailbox holders.

Q: Do I need to come in to sign up for the mailbox service?
A: No. You can fill out the forms, get the USPS 1583 form notarized and then fax, mail or email them to us along with the copies of your I.D.s. You will have your new mailing address as soon as we’ll receive your application. We must have the original forms on file in order to release your mail and packages to you.

Q: How do I know if I have mail or packages?
A: Feel free to contact us via phone or email.

Q: How much does it cost for my mail and packages to be forwarded?
A: The service fee is $2.50 per package. This does not include the cost of mailing/shipping services. You can leave a deposit or provide us with credit card information.

Q. How will you forward my mail/packages? What carriers do you use?
A: We are an authorized shipper for the major international carriers (UPS, DHL and FedEx) and the United States Postal Services. The carrier that we decide to use will depend on the destination country, as different carriers usually have different track records of service. We will evaluate your situation individually and choose the carrier that will provide the best service in your country. Our shipping rates for international shipping are up to 45% below the carrier’s (FedEx, DHL & UPS) direct rates.

Q. Will you consolidate my items into one package to save me money?
A: Of Course! One of the best features about our service is that we will consolidate your shipment whenever possible. This is guaranteed to save you money (as oppose to shipping each item separately).

Q. Can I use my address for any purpose, without restriction?
A: You may use your address for almost any legal activity. If we receive credible information that indicates that the account MAY be being used for illicit or fraudulent purposes, we reserve the right to close your mailbox automatically and return all items to senders. In addition to fraud, the following are a list of activities that may result in cancellation of your account:

  1. Using your address for “phishing” activities.
  2. Using your account to ship illegal or hazardous materials.
  3. Using your address to maliciously misrepresent your identity to authorities or to the public.
  4. Other activities considered illegal, unethical, or malicious by “Mail and More in California”.

Please note that we reserve the right to cooperate with authorities in combating fraud and identity theft. We honor all valid legal subpoenas.